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RP Metrix Three Motor Microelectrode Headstage Systems

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Prior Work

The RP Metrix Neural Implant System was adapted from a motorized microdrive system first used with songbirds by Michale Fee at Lucent. Michale Fee (now at the Massachuetts Institute of Technology) (fee@mit.edu) is not associated with RP Metrix. See: Miniature motorized microdrive and commutator system for chronic neural recording in small animals, Michale S. Fee and Anthony Leonardo, J Neurosci Methods. 2001 Dec 15;112(2):83-94. or <DOI:10.1016/S0165-0270(01)00426-5>

The 12-Channel Microdrive Headstage

This basic mechanical system was extensively revised to add these improved features:
  • The electrodes can be mounted without bending them, so glass or quartz coated electrodes are easy to use.
  • Gross shuttle movement can be controlled on the implanted microdrive.
  • Multiple electrodes (up to four) can be carried by each shuttle.
  • A bit larger but more reliable micromotors.
The electronics systems both on and off the headstage have been enhanced to support 12 channels of neural recording.