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Build your own lightweight motorized microdrive.

ND1HS1 Headstage Your investigation of neural signals in awake behaving animals can start now with an integrated set of components from RP Metrix.

Our Neural Recording System, featuring a lightweight headstage with a miniature motorized microdrive, offers these capabilities:

  • The headstage mass is about 1 gram - it is easily carried by an animal as small as a 20 gram mouse.
  • Motorized searching for neurons can be done during natural wakeful animal behavior - the only time they may be firing.
  • Submicron displacement precision and mechanical stability allow continuous recording even from small cells.
  • The linear displacement shuttle can carry 3 or 4 electrodes.
  • With our microdrive kits and other hardware and software components a complete electronic and mechanical system can quickly be ready to connect to a data acquisition system.
A Versatile Window into Awake Animal Behavior

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